Spiritual Depression Therapy

DepressionstherapieDepression therapy Depression is a psychological disorder of the human being.

From a spiritual point of view, depression is the antipode to aggression. This means that the person who does not allow his aggression and suppresses it can end up in the opposite side of depression. Over a lengthy period of time this leads to withdrawal of the person and finally to self-abandonment with typical signs of listlessness, lack of motivation and lack of self-enthusiasm.

The organ that stands in the center is the liver, the organ of life. This is where the will to live, the right sense of proportion and the happiness of man are located. The associated element is the wood and anger is also at home here in the liver.

Another important approach to depression is the lack of light on all levels:

  • Physically: Humans need light in the form of sun, fresh air and outdoor exercise. Light food through the consumption of plants (fruit, vegetables, salad) is a wonderful mood brightener, whereby the shadow plants should be left out (potato, tomato, eggplant). Also, there are no genetically modified foods, ready meals or foods that have been treated in the microwave. Food is information for the human system, just like news on the radio, television or in the newspaper, which people should not associate with food, because otherwise they also take these messages into their system.
  • Psychologically: Man does not live from food alone, but from every beautiful word that touches his field. This means that man needs art, beauty and harmony on a spiritual level to live. The lack of light on the spiritual level is reflected in the emotions of man, such as hatred, greed, envy, jealousy, being driven, inner restlessness, nervousness, anger, rage, dissatisfaction, etc. It is important that people admit to themselves that they live some emotions in everyday life and are convinced to change them. The solution on the spiritual level is love, which can transform the shadow of the soul. Man should begin to love himself, his life and his environment.
  • Egomant: The light of the ego lies in evolution. It wants change, movement and dynamics in the further development of the human being and so the ego untiringly gives assistance so that the human being sets himself in motion.
  • Spiritual: The lack of light on the spiritual level shows itself in the doubt of the human being, it doubts everything, above all itself and its actions. Thus man is also in disbelief that he believes in nothing, neither in God nor in himself, and the third point is the lack of trust in himself, in God and his environment. Thus man is separated from the spiritual light, from God and he feels lonely, abandoned, powerless and overwhelmed in a world without real meaning.

A further big problem of humans are fears and worries because they darken and darken the light field of human beings and therefore also their way of looking at things. Fears and worries strike the mind (see anxiety disorders).

And so there is no room for man to concentrate on the meaning of life. Joy, happiness and contentment are no longer the focus of the human being and he gives up more and more.

Approaches to solutions:

  • People must set goals for themselves, write them down and pursue them on a daily basis.
  • This activates the will in their system and rekindles their fire.
  • Activate the fighting spirit in the heart and fight for oneself and one’s interests.
  • Celebrate small successes and pull yourself up, because nothing makes you more successful than success.
  • To look at one’s own life with new eyes, reorientation to “YES” to life: “The glass is half full”.
  • Consciousness therapy of childhood and partnership patterns: Let go of old injuries, pain, defeats, lost love affairs, ideals, goals and strokes of fate, forgive yourself and others and then finally forget!
  • Thymus gland knocking and/or thyme tea drinking and kidney holding
  • Man should get out of self-pity: “I am a poor victim” and begin to take responsibility for his life: “I am the leading actor and the director in my life!
  • Movement on a physical, mental and spiritual level and in the Egomant
  • Light in the form of plants: Light root, valerian, hawthorn, lime blossom and St. John’s wort
  • Ether healing to get out of the habitual body
  • Accept God as the Creator of the worlds and develop faith and trust.
  • RIMA 66: Renewal of Cell Consciousness

Thus the path of the depressed person from the struggle for survival of everyday life to life in the here and now can become. And as my noble friend Bernhard says: “Man always looks for what he lacks and he always gets what he needs”. Life is man’s best teacher.

Course of the therapy:

  • 6 weeks’ basic therapy
  • 2 weeks after 7-9 months and
  • 2 additional weeks after 7-9 months

Therapy contents:

  • Consciousness therapy
  • ether healing
  • body treatments
  • Light, Breathing and Movement