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Illnesses of the feet

The number of bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles of the foot is a measure of perfection. The foot is the most perfect part of the human body.

God has given people feet to walk the road of intuition. Therefore, man’s feet are connected to the planetary consciousness of Neptune and the Buddhist consciousness.

The intuition and clear sight have a close contact with the feet, which are also responsible for the grounding of man and his progress on earth. One could also say “spirit to spirit”. The more grounding a person has in his life, the more the eyebrow lotus opens and so the person comes closer and closer to the real “divine” reality and sees deeper and gets a deep insight into “everything that is”. Grounding is also important from this point of view in order to be able to carry the “seen”. This is the true hold in reality.

Cold feet: The feet are connected to the kidneys via the element water and are mostly expressions of fears. The fear of going forward and the fear of being yourself.

All foot problems have the following basic themes as a background:


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