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Thyroid gland

The Thyroid Gland

Description of the thyroid gland and associated findings:

  • The thyroid gland is part of the hormone system, the transition system of the mental forces into the physical body.
  • It is influenced by the Hypothalamus, which controls all life processes.
  • The Thyroid has a butterfly shape and is located on the human neck.
  • It has its place between head and heart: here is the place of fear that separates thinking and feeling.
  • The neck is the place of patience and aggression arises in man when he has to wait too long or must do what he does not want.
  • Likewise, the thyroid gland is the thyroid in the light body, in order to keep away bad things
  • It is supplied with 4 liters of blood per hour, making it the organ with the highest blood flow in the body.


Tasks of the thyroid gland

  • Influences:
  • the metabolism, the utilization of food
  • the water balance
  • growth in general
  • the structure of hair and nails
  • Training of the nervous system
  • the body temperature
  • the development of thinking and brain (cretinism = idiocy with hypo function)
  • production of thyroid hormones TH3 and TH4 and iodine


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