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Guilt prevents further development

Guilt clouds the soul of man, burdens him and makes him unfree. Guilt is often linked to the demands placed on oneself, and when a person fails to live up to these demands, they feel guilty. When a person can name their feelings of guilt, they lose their power.

Medically, guilt affects the large intestine and spleen, as the strength of the ego decreases and inferiority takes over. This means that guilt has a significant impact on our immune system and defense mechanisms. People who feel guilty are more prone to illness and are easier to manipulate.

A key to life at this point is to let go of feelings of guilt. A structural change is needed, which affects not only the factual and professional areas, but especially interpersonal relationships.

Now, let’s consider various situations from the past:

Is it unimportant if someone hurt us last week? If we still recall last week’s insults, we carry those things with us… perhaps for months? How long do we make others suffer because we feel treated unjustly? How long do we blame ourselves for a mistake we made? How much time and energy do we waste on these past problems? What couldn’t we do in that time? (Something meaningful – loving) And how often does new fuel ignite from clinging to the past, which we then have to carry. Those who see a sense in this, have not yet experienced the feeling of living in the present.

Living in the future also leads the person away from the present:

Everything is planned, from ourselves to our children and even into retirement. The future of life is


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