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Thymus gland

The thymus gland is the gland that is connected to the human heart. As we get older, the thymus gland shrinks due to the decrease in the production of human growth hormone. This is not the case with people who continue to develop and grow.

The thymus is susceptible to permanent stress. Those who live in emergency mode for a longer period of time (survival emotions – past) and reduce their life energy field, direct all their energy outwards to protect themselves, leaving little energy for defense against inner threat (self-criticism – self-doubt). This means that fear darkens the thymus gland and causes it to retreat, making it difficult for humans to open their hearts.

Through the energetic activation of the heart center and the mobilization of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for growth and repair work, the thymus gland becomes active again. The genes are given love and the immune cells produce the protein immunoglobulin.


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