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Venous diseases

The veins are blood vessels that transport approx. 7,000 liters of oxygen-depleted blood back to the heart every day. The leg veins have a particularly hard time doing this because they have to work against gravity. Tired and heavy legs are often a harbinger of venous insufficiency. The foot and leg muscles act as a natural pump to let the blood flow back again.

From a spiritual point of view, venous diseases (varicose veins) are hemorrhoids elsewhere. Hemorrhoids are protrusions in the rectum where venous blood accumulates. Both diseases are thus connective tissue weaknesses that indicate accumulated vital energy. The flow of life is disturbed in people. Tibetan medicine speaks of a lack of grounding in connection with the meridian system of the lungs and large intestine. “If the hold in life is missing, then man holds on to something else.” Thus venous diseases stand for a lack of support in life

Depending on where the vein disorders (spider veins, varicose veins) occur, they speak a clearer language:

  • at the knee: In this case it means that the person lives too little of a humility (“I serve myself with courage”) or deliberately or unconsciously deals with a fear of death.
  • Calves: The backlog of the past (old themes and feelings) reveals itself on the calf. This means that the human being is not doing things. He stands/is stuck in his conservative and traditional attitude to life.

In summary, one can say that accumulated life force is a lung topic. Man thus reveals an incarnation weakness, not wanting to live as a human, which also affects the breathing and the life force.

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