The Philosophy of Spiritual Phoenix Medicine

The Spiritual Phoenix Medicine leads people into the depths of their being, to their origins and sources of strength. It creates a new all-connectedness of man and his inner healing power is ignited. Man can meet his High Self and follow his divine destiny. The natural laws of the universe play an essential role in this.

It is not the illness that should be healed, but the tendency of the human being to become ill comes into focus. The vital body is revitalized and the life force of the human being is strengthened, so that mental powers are released, with whose help the human being can heal himself. Through these new wisdoms, the human being is able to advance evolutionarily in his life and to grow beyond himself.

With the awakening of the “Holy Trinity” of man, the true spiritual life begins. Only the new understanding of the Trinity Spirit-Soul-Ego allows us to understand the deeper background of being human. In this way the light of the Christ nature can be awakened and come to unfold in man. The way into the 5th dimension is smoothed, for the benefit of all that is.

“Those who truly live spiritually are distinguished by expertise and concrete knowledge, they show great energy, serenity and willingness to respond to everything that life has to offer. This is lived divinity. This is creativity that never runs out, but serves the light consciousness. Faithfulness to your I-fulfillment brings abundance to your world.”

Master Hilarion

The Trinity of Humans


One of the greatest achievements of Spiritual Phoenix Medicine is the rediscovery of the “true” Trinity. To this day, Holistic Medicine speaks of body, soul and spirit. The truth of Spiritual Phoenix Medicine is spirit, soul and ego (I), which together produce and express the physical body. The ego, which is usually stigmatized as the negative part in the human, is the neutral part of the Trinity, which gives the human being thrust and evolutionary power. The ego is the power in man that sets the soul in motion so that the soul can ascend and merge with the spirit again. There are two levels of the ego in the human system,
the lower and the divine ego.

On the evolutionary path of humans it is important to let the ego back into their life, to look at it neutrally and to grow bit by bit into the divine ego.
This happens through the readiness to serve man and creation. Thus the Spiritual Phoenix Medicine challenges man to focus on his spirit (33%),
to focus his soul (33%) and his ego (33%) to keep his vessel (physical body 1%) alive. This is done through the willingness to serve man
and in creation.

The human lotus system (chakra system)

The basis of the spiritual Medicine is the Lotos-System of the human being.
The lotos-system is the higher form of the chakra-system.

The known chakra-system with its 7 energy centers or power houses follows the horizontal world view.


Vertex chakra or crown chakra:
This is where the planetary consciousness of Saturn and Uranus reigns.
The 7th chakra is responsible for intuition and inspiration as well as for highest states of happiness and the recognition of unity.
The crown chakra is connected to the pineal gland.
The color of the chakra is violet.
Mission: I am
Body classification: brain (especially right hemisphere, central nervous system
Mineral: Diamond
Archangel: Metatron

Forehead chakra or 3. Eye:
Here the planetary consciousness of Jupiter and Neptune reigns.
The 6th chakra is responsible for insight, inner vision and a good imagination.
The forehead chakra is connected to the pituitary gland.
The color of the chakra is indigo blue.
Mission: I am one
Body assignment: eyes
Mineral: Sapphire
Archangel: Michael

Throat chakra:
This is where the planetary consciousness of Mars rules, which is responsible for peace.
The 5th chakra is responsible for expression (being able to express yourself, sound well, understand others and be understood).
The larynx chakra is connected to the thyroid and parathyroid glands.
The color of the chakra is turquoise.
Mission: I create
Body assignment: mouth, throat, neck, shoulder
Mineral: Emerald
Archangel: Gabriel

Heart chakra:
This is where the planetary consciousness of the sun reigns.
The 4th chakra is responsible for the feeling of love, affection and for inner harmony. In this chakra they can be perceived and communicated.
The heart chakra is connected to the thymus gland.
The colour of the chakra is green.
Mission: I love
Body assignment: lungs, arms, hands, heart
Mineral: Jasper
Archangel: Raphael

Solar plexus chakra:
This is where the planetary consciousness of Mercury rules.
This is where the “belly brain” of the human being is located. It is about the consciousness of one’s own strength, the will to assert oneself and the nervous constitution.
The 3rd chakra is connected with the pancreas.
The color of the chakra is yellow.
Mission: I am one with life
Body classification: digestive system, muscle system
Mineral: Topaz
Archangel: Michael

Sacral chakra or sexual chakra:
Here the planetary consciousness of Venus and the Moon reigns.
Devotion, joy of life and creativity are located here, as well as a healthy relationship to one’s own sexual impulses.
The 2nd chakra is connected to the ovaries and gonads.
The colour of the chakra is orange.
Mission: I recognize the creation in the material
Body assignment: genitals, kidneys, bladder
Mineral: Ruby
Archangel: Uriel

Root chakra:
This is where the planetary consciousness of Pluto reigns.
Responsibility and primal trust are located here, as well as a strong feeling of security in the world and a healthy relationship with the earth and nature, especially one’s own nature.
The 1st chakra is connected to the kidneys and adrenal glands.
The colour of the chakra is red.
Mission: The earth is my heaven
Body assignment: Feet, legs, intestinal system
Mineral: Amethyst
Archangel: Uriel

Since all matter is in vibration and striving for evolution, everything in life is in motion. There is nothing static, all systems are subject to change. So the zodiac has also changed with the entry into the Age of Aquarius (see the astral zodiac). The energy centres of the earth and of man have also changed.

The lotus system, the stepladder into the 5th dimension, into spirit humanity, goes into the vertical world view. This means the connection God – man is allowed to grow and man decides in which level (3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th dimension) he lives through his thoughts, feelings, words or deeds. Thus life may become more purposeful, successful and aspiring. Man then moves in a spiral of ascent. Thus the intentions, thoughts, feelings, words and deeds of man become more noble and divine. Man is born to God-humanity. That is his birthright. Thus, every human being is free and free to decide for himself whether he believes in energy centers that supply the human being with power and salvation or not. He can live in the chakra system or change to the lotus system and thus grow beyond his humanity for his own good and for the good of all that is.

Since humanity is on the threshold of the 5th dimension, into spirit humanity, it is only logical that the new lotus system has only 5 lotus flowers (formerly chakras). This means a reduction to the essential. Since the person of the 5th dimension is connected to God and the earth, the crown chakra and the root chakra fall away.

The following picture illustrates the new lotus system.

The Philosophy 1

The lotus blossoms

The eyebrow lotus
Here reigns the planetary consciousness of Jupiter, who carries the fullness into space and the planetary consciousness of Neptune, who unfolds the Word, the divine Logos. This is about the unfolding of mediality. The eyebrow lotus is connected to the pineal gland. The color of the lotus is indigo.

The laryngeal Lotus
The planetary consciousness of Mars, which is responsible for peace, reigns here. This is about the unfolding of the relationship matrix. The laryngeal Lotus is associated with the thyroid gland and the parathyroid gland. The color of the lotus is turquoise.

The Heart Lotus
The planetary consciousness of Venus, the High Self of Earth, reigns here. At this point it is about the unfolding of the sound to the voice in the sense of “wear your Heart on your tongue”. The Heart Lotus is connected to the thymus gland. The color of the lotus is green.

The Spleen Lotus
Here reigns the planetary consciousness of Mercury, which is associated with the Higher Intelligence. This is about the unfolding of intuition and wisdom. Concrete knowledge is the foundation of healing. The Spleen Lotus is connected to the pancreas. It is also responsible for the absorption and distribution of the pranic energy. The color of the lotus is pink.

The Semen Palace
Here the planetary consciousness of the moon rules. This is about the unfolding of sexuality. The Semen Palace is connected to the adrenal glands and gonads. The color of the lotus is milky white.

These subtle centers supply the physical body with energy via the light channels and meridians. Illness only occurs when these centers, which in turn are connected to the human hormonal gland system, are blocked. All human thoughts (about 40 – 50,000 a day) and feelings, which he thinks and feels about situations, people or above all about himself, illuminate or darken his light field. If we consider that the physical body is only 1% of its whole existence, we can understand the importance of the spirit, the soul and the egomancer, which are revealed in the physical body as expressions. The spirit, soul and ego live and work in the light body and aura field of the human being, which penetrate the physical body. This means that the consciousness of man, his mental attitude, his ability to love and his evolutionary power decide about a successful, happy and healthy life. This is how everything is connected with everything in the human body. This concrete knowledge is the base for recovery and a radiant life of the human being.

The mystic Djalah-ud-Din-Rumi expresses the same with wonderful words: “O brother you are nothing but your thoughts! What is left in you are only bones and fibers. If your thoughts are like flowers, you are a garden, and if they are like thorns, you are only a piece of firewood for the stove.”

Man’s bodies of light are very closely connected to man’s lotus blossoms. Man has 8 bodies.

The 8 bodies of the spirit - humans


The physical body
A miracle of flesh, blood, nerves and bones, this is our physical body. I say it is our companion, our vehicle in this world, so that we can move and do the things we want to do. This also means that we are not our physical body, but much more than what we can see. And yet it is important to accept this physical body as it is. If we reject it, this is a reason for illnesses. We know from psychophysiognomy that the soul expresses itself in our physical body. From a spiritual point of view, the physical body is the material expression of the human spirit, soul and egomancer.

The ether body
The etheric body absorbs and distributes the vital energy flowing out of the sun. Therefore it is very closely linked to our health. It has its own lotus blossoms/chakras and the dream memory depends on the activity of the ether substance. The etheric body dies like the material body. It is connected to the energy or magnetic healing. Through the use of the ether substance, objects can be magnetized. The ectoplasm is formed from it. The ether body is the exact template for the material body. It penetrates the physical body and protrudes 0.5 cm above the skin. Every cleansing is good for it. The etheric body absorbs vitality and distributes it to the gross body. It also acts as a bridge between the material body and the astral body. The ethereal double can be separated from the physical body by accident, death or narcotics. Since it is the link between the brain and the higher consciousness, a violent expulsion caused by an anaesthetic causes an anaesthesia. The ether substance is removed and wraps around the astral body and blunts its consciousness. With each separation comes a weakening of the life force.

The vital force, also called prana energy (created by the solar forces), is absorbed and distributed by the etheric body. The prana energy controls and shapes the nerve centers and the material body receives the impression. The energy transmits the external vibrations and transmits them to the emotional centers. The etheric double is the bearer. If our emotional life is in motion (astral body), the etheric body also serves as a mediator. Through impulses from the astral world, the cells first form the sympathetic nervous system. Later, the cerebrospinal system is built up by an impulse from the mental world. The sympathetic nervous system always remains in immediate contact with the astral centres, i.e. with our feelings. The nerve fluid transports the prana/od. The astral centers are the astral shrouds, the dress that forms the beginning of the centers. These centers then form the organs in the coarse material body.

The etheric body of man is also his habitual body, in which he stores all habits which then determine his life. The planetary consciousness of the etheric body is the sun.

The astral body
It is also called the emotional body of man. All human emotions are stored here and lead to conflicts. Emotions like envy, jealousy, hate and greed, which can also be called shadow of the soul, are waiting to be transformed into love.
The planetary consciousness of the astral body is the moon.

The mental body
It is the thought body (the mentalis) of man. All thoughts, that is daily between 40 and 50,000, move here. Every thought has a weight” and a goal: ” He wants to fulfil himself”. The more often a person thinks a thought, the more likely it is that it will be fulfilled. The mentalis is also the level of neutrality and healing. The less a person values, the healthier he is.
The planetary consciousness of the mental body is Mercury.

The Buddhi Body
It is also called the body of love or Christ. Here the light birth of man takes place. On this level there is the good word, the I-consciousness of man. It is the level of trust.
The planetary consciousness of the Buddhi body is Venus, the High Self of the earth.

The Monad
The monad is the plane of space and time. On this level the soul conscious mind of human is at home.
The planetary consciousness of the monad is Mars.

Atma is the level of sound, light (color) and form. This is where the mind consciousness of the human being is located.
The planetary consciousness of Atma is Neptune.

Adi is the absolute divine. Here the “Spiritual Sun” shines in the “Land of Bliss”.