Anxiety therapy for children and adults


I have developed this therapy many years ago because I have spent half my life studying fears intensively and through my spiritual path of the last 20 years I have reached the spiritual phoenix Truth which is called:

Fearlessness in being human and reverence for God, His creation and glory.”

There is nothing and nobody that man should be afraid of. When a person feels fear, is bathed in sweat, trembles, can hardly breathe and panic spreads through his body, the adrenaline can be heard in his ears, then fear is very real. But fortunately these are only states that a person can master over time during his learning program. Fear is a very good evolutionary helper who keeps asking humans,

do you want to develop or not yet? Those who keep their fear, age much faster than those who have little or no fear. Fear sucks out life. Fear is also the base for obsessive-compulsive disorders, neuroses, psychoses and withdrawal (escape into the inner world).

You can find a detailed description of the topic anxiety under the keyword: anxiety disorders

In-depth explanation on the subject of fear: see Fear Karma Zones

The subtitle of the anxiety therapy is:

“Self-confidence brings joy and happiness”

The pivotal point of anxiety therapy lies with the I and moves towards the “I AM” and the self of the human being. The path of healing leads from the unconscious, the lack consciousness, the feeling of inferiority to self-confidence. To become conscious of one-self can be easily compared to finding the red thread of one’s life and suddenly feeling supported and guided. The feeling of loneliness, of being disconnected and doubts about the meaning of life will disappear into thin air. This opens up spaces for joy, happiness, freedom and lightness.

Course of the therapy:

  • Anamnesis, determination of the life situation of the human being
  • Talk therapy, consider the fears and their backgrounds
  • Kata thyme’s picture life, the inner mental picture especially in the anxiety therapy for children
  • Ether healing, an energetic body treatment based on vibrations with a focus on energy balance and release of old stored life patterns and with a focus on the body organs kidneys and spleen.
  • Rituals of healing such as, stroking out kidneys, “the beat of the wings of liberation”, water rituals (contact with water is a contact with the depth psyche of man), breathing exercises, “walking meditation: Ti-Ta-To” to solve stuck patterns and ideas (is the goal of fear) and to activate courage to go forward, to pull “field threads”, to sing tree ritual, fear-self-voice “U” (children 3 x 9 x and adults 99 x) with it the person comes to the root of fear, to open life gates of action and going forward, Dealing with “fear animals” especially with children, healing rituals RIMA 0,3,7,10,12,18 as well as 56 ( activate the will ), the ritual of the “open circle” from the aura doctrine, aura-closure ritual, the gesture of the Amoghasiddhi Buddha and the spiritual spark of love and enthusiasm for one’ s self and ignite life.

The transformation of the missing consciousness of love (mother) and the missing self-confidence (father) is the route from fear.

The mother gives love, joy, forgiveness and love consciousness.

The father gives faith and trust, recognition, praise and self-confidence.