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On this page you will find the basics of Spiritual Phoenix Medicine and a reference book of many medical conditions from a spiritual point of view.

Bernhard Brill, Rita Maria Brill and Aloisius Pongratz

The Spiritual Phoenix Medicine, as taught in the house of the Phoenix by Rita Maria and Bernhard Brill (www.hausdesphoenix.de) builds on “concrete knowledge”, meaning the Spiritual Phoenix Medicine believes in no coincidences in life. Every illness, every life situation has a meaning and challenges people to deal with themselves and their lives.

The Spiritual Phoenix Medicine leads humans into the depths of their being, to lead to the origins and sources of power. In this way humans succeed evolutionarily in their life and grow beyond themselves. With this growth, the mind, the soul and the ego of the human being is meant. Only with this knowledge and the awakening of the “Holy Trinity” of man does the true spiritual life begin. Thus, the light of the Christ nature can be awakened and come to unfold in man. So the way is paved in the 5th Dimension, for the sake of everything that is.


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The Spiritual Phoenix Medicine leads the individual into the depth of his being in order to lead to the origins and sources of power. In this way man is able to advance evolutionarily in his life and to grow beyond himself. This growth means the spirit, the soul and the ego of the human.

Spiritual Phoenix Concepts

The House of Salvation documents a wonderful basic orientation of man and is a wonderful matrix in working with people. The time frames of the zodiac have changed and what are the body assignments like from the point of view of the aura teaching?


My therapies

Anxiety therapy for children and adults

I developed this therapy many years ago, having spent half my life working intensively on fears and having made it to the spiritual phoenix truth after 20 years on my spiritual path.

The energetic spinal column therapy

The spine takes on many tasks and is a complex entity. In this energetic spine treatment, the touches should be very light and flowing.

The zodiac medicine

The zodiac is not a coincidence, but it has crystallized over thousands of years, it exists in different cultures and gives its special imprint to the person born in the light of a sign.

Spiritual depression therapy

From a spiritual point of view, depression is the antithesis to aggression. This leads over time leads to human retreat and finally to self-denial with typical signs of listlessness, lack of motivation and lack of self-enthusiasm.

Learning therapy for children and juveniles

If a child or a juvenile has attention deficit disorder (ADD), a reading spelling disorder (dyslexia), or a dyscalculia, this is also an extremely distressing situation for the parents.

Rheumatism and rheumatic forms

The term rheumatism means flowing, pulling, flowing. The illnesses of the rheumatic form circle are very different in their characteristic and count over 400 different illnesses.


What a person can imagine, what he knows and believes in, is already or becomes the reality of a human being. So everything is connected with everything in the living being. This concrete knowledge is the basis for healing and a radiant life of the human being.

Aloisius Pongratz

natural health professional, Learning Therapist and Spiritual Mediator

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