The energetic spine therapy

scoliosis treatment


A lateral deviation of the spinal column is called scoliosis. From a spiritual point of view, karmic backgrounds play the most important role in the cause of scoliosis. Thus, the focus of the therapy is on the release of old, brought along life patterns.

Components of therapy:

  • Consciousness therapy
  • spinal therapy
  • Clearing and cell clearingg
  • karma shiatsu
  • Acupressure of the handlebar and concept vessel
  • Knee, ankle and hip treatment (40 x orbit)

Spine ritual according to Daskalos

There are 2 traditional methods of the well-known healer Daskalos, how the spine remains mobile or becomes mobile again. When practicing these rituals, the person can feel how the spine begins to vibrate.

Sitting: The person sits upright on the front part of a chair and places his hands on his thighs with his legs perpendicular to each other. The active part of this ritual is that a person puts the palms of his hands down or up on his thighs.

Standing: Man stands upright and places his hands on his thighs. Also here the palms of the hands are put on the thighs, as good as possible, and then the backs of the hands are put on the thighs. This is done alternately for about 15 seconds.

  • Patient in prone position on the treatment couch, arms along sides of body, neck relaxed, torso exposed, covered with warm towel.
  • Contact: place one hand at sacrum level, the other hand at heart lotus level.
  • Lower hand remains lying, upper hand to neck back of head, let rest at first, then light circling movement (a few minutes) -> matrix approach, programming box, is also called mouth of God, -> gives feeling of

    security, proximity, warmth, affection Please: if the soul wants this, old patterns should be dissolved, new things may emerge, synapses in the cerebellum will be switched anew.
  • On the towel, feel the WS from bottom to top first with the ego part of the hand (lower ball of the hand), then with the soul component (middle part of the palm), then with the spiritual component (finger), to see how the WS shows itself, where tensions are, where the vertebrae are not tangible; there between, again with the same part of the hand, stroke the WS from top to bottom; a total of 3 x = my ego, my soul and my spirit make contact with the patient.
  • Expose kidney area; make contact with kidneys by hand; (kidneys = important organ for stabilization of the WS; correspond to the pelvic floor) strike out the kidneys 40 times in a downward direction, in between repeatedly shake out the hands; allow the following to influence the strike out: “Fear, insecurity, sexual insecurity, indecision and lack of will may go now” in such a way that always one hand touches the body -> gives the patient more security, support and overcoming power;
  • Put hands back on kidneys: “a new consciousness may now flow in: security, courage and decision-making ability, true will should spread here and now”.
  • Now expose the whole WS; feel every vertebra from L5 to C1 with thumb and index finger and loosen it with slightly circling movements and consciously let silence, light, love and mobility flow into the vertebrae, but also into the systems and organs which are connected with the particular vertebrae; if the vertebra cannot be felt immediately, touch it in the spirit and move it;
  • With the hand, grasp the neck from behind: Gall bladder 20, then with 2 fingers to the right and left of the spinal column down to the ilium;
  • Move each individual vertebra two more times, press gallbladder 20 and again with two fingers right and left from the WS down to the ilium;
  • Feel the musculature with both hands and loosen it from all sides with light circular movements, shake out hands more often; in case of intervertebral disc problems, possibly rub with warm St. John’s wort oil, massage in lightly;
  • Put on the towel again, put on the hands (Th and L); let energy flow, then go into the soul and spirit levels and continue working there; feel out the individual levels and specifically continue to treat the WS there, loosen the vertebrae and let energy flow into the corresponding systems and organs;
  • Put hands back on physical body on solar plexus and moon plexus: Man and woman, Yin and Yang should be united, should flow together.
  • Allow the patient time to come back, possibly help him with calm words and/or holding the soles of his feet (-> gives him proximity, warmth, support = to regain roots on earth).

During this treatment, the touches should be very light and smooth.


Axis   head all the way to the front, the 1st palpable vertebrae
C7     head forward, the 7 cervical vertebrae protrude
Th3    Connecting line of shoulder blade bones
Th7    Connecting line of the lower shoulder blade angles
Th12  at the level of the base of the last rib
L4     on connecting line of the highest points of the iliac crest