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Aloisius Pongratz

I am a natural health professional, learning therapist and spiritual mediator.

My specialties are:

  • the Spiritual Phoenix Medicine, which leads humans back to their roots of salvation
  • Ether healing, which evolutionarily stimulates the DNA to unfold on the basis of vibration, overrides the magnetic body during treatment, so that the human finds access to his “I AM” again
  • the energetic spinal column therapy, for the straightening of man, as well
  • the learning therapy with children and juveniles to find meaning in life

Since 2000, I have been practicing in the House of the Phoenix, a holistic spiritual health center in Grügelborn / Freisen in North Saarland.

Also see: www.hausdesphoenix.de

Since 2008, I have been working in my second practice in Pronsfeld / Eifel.

As lecturer and seminar leader, I pass on my knowledge and wisdom.

Touch the hearts of children with spiritual medicine

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My training

natural health professional

learning therapist

Spiritual Medicine

TCM: Shiatsu and Karma-Shiatsu

spirit meridians

Holistic lymphatic treatment

Dorn & Breuss

Tibetan medicine

Tibetan Tantra (the doctrine of the interwoven world)

Spiritual teacher


Spiritual mediator

Relaxation coach

Autogenic training


Phoenix Community

“Only those who swim against the current, get to the source.” Using this motto, the seminar and training center House of the Phoenix was founded in 1992 in Saarland, which has since then developed into a spiritual center with an ever-growing community. Founding parents of this company are Rita Maria and Bernhard Brill, who full of dedication and love, always following the intuition and spiritual guidance, support and continue this great work day by day. Perhaps the most important factor for this center is the highly developed mediality of its founder, Rita Maria Brill, which provides direct access to the level of Christ consciousness. People from all over the world have already found their way to her in search of their own salvation.

The center is located in the Saarland, right in the heart of Europe in the old Druids village Grügelborn. Surrounded by wonderful, hilly nature, away from the muss and fuss of big cities, this is the perfect place of power to meet yourself, conception and God.

In all years of construction, the seminar and training center has constantly been expanding under the dedicated and active leadership. A seminar program, which offers something suitable for all seekers on the path and reaches down to the deepest mystery teachings. It is available on the Internet or can be sent as a brochure on request.
Apart from many individual seminars and annual cycles, there are also 10 different training courses reaching from the therapeutic area and to spiritual teaching.

In addition to the teaching full of creative power, which always serves the healing of the body, ego, soul and spirit through the cultivation of knowledge, in 1995 the Center for Holistic Health was opened as another pillar. Over the year’s wonderful therapists have come together that have one thing in common:

The basic idea of spiritual healing.

In particular, this includes various holistic body therapies, TCM, spiritual healing, aura reading, relaxation therapies, light and sound therapy and as a fundamental, revealing and liberating factor the spiritual psychotherapy.