Spiritual Phoenix Concepts

The House of Salvation


The House of Salvation documents a wonderful basic orientation of man and is a wonderful matrix in working with people. There are 2 basic factors that determine which of the pillars are more important to man than others, although, as always, everything should be laid out and lived in man.

The 1st factor is the personal sign of the zodiac.

The 2nd factor is the human blood group.

These 4 pillars on the basis of human karma give people hope and lead to the ether of consciousness.

I. The Pillar of devotion

Trust – Mars
Material body
body awareness
ether of life
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Blood group A
sense of smell
stomach, spleen, pancreas
bright daily consciousness
Spiritual Psychotherapist
contact problems
Right Thinking

IV. The pillar of space

Love – Mercury
external power
light ether
Aries, Lion, Sagittarius
Blood group A-B
sense of hearing, skin, warmth
heart, small intestine, thyroid gland
spiritual healer
separation issue
The right stop

II. the pillar of time

Faith – Venus
ether bodies
now energy
Chemical Ether
cancer, scorpion, fishes
Blood group 0
sense of sight, taste
kidneys, bladder, liver, gall bladder
animal zodiac
dream consciousness
performance problem
The right honor

III. The Pillar of Distinctness

Confidence – Jupiter
astral body
creation energy
thermal ether
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Blood type B
facial sense
Lung, large intestine
deep sleep consciousness
energy healer
Problems of faith and knowledge
The right way

The astral sign zodiac

The data of the known zodiac has not been correct since the beginning of the Aquarian Age in 1847. The previously equal intervals have receded and since then each sign of the zodiac has its own space:

zodiac signs
night house
Libra, Andromeda
Sagittarius, Libra
Fish, Aquarius
Aries, Gemini
Leo, Sagittarius
The teacher
greed, greed
Lose yourself, exude yourself
The solution
The power of goodness
Truth needs no envy
Truth and goodness
mindfulness, clarity
meridian assignment
gallbladder meridian
3-fold warmer
lung meridian
stomach meridian
cardiac meridian
small intestine meridian
kidney meridian
large intestine meridian
liver meridian
splenic meridian
Circulatory Sex Meridian
bladder meridian

The body assignment from the point of view of the aura doctrine

Cerebrum Storage of all thought and behavioral structures, karma, inner balance
Large and midbrain ability to combine logic and creativity, control center of life, self-management, life organization, advance planning, decision-making ability
temporal lobe window to the world, sympathy for life
Occipital lobe View of life
Occipital self-acceptance, perception
Pineal gland Control over life and the emotions
Ear hearing and obedience
Nose power and self-knowledge
Mouth to absorb life
Thyroid gland The lightness or melancholy of life
Neck basic confidence in life
shoulder carry responsibility, own resilience
Armpit, upper arm, forearm You can see what is on your hand, purification from the old, giving and taking, drive, force.
Esophagus Sewage of life, record and use all information
Lung utilization of mental impressions
Heart Giving and taking heart love
Thymus gland Balance between openness and distance
Stomach Life evaluation, mood barometer
Pancreas Perceiving and living the sweetness of life, harmony between obligation and pleasure
Spleen Barometer for life energy, filter of life force, obsessively pursue ideas, detoxification of heart and feelings
Liver detoxification and life processing, recognizing personal values in life, solving worthless problems, transforming disappointment, pain and anger into for example courage, etc.
Duodenum Conflict ability, self-acceptance, analysis of experiences and what has been learned, willingness to draw consequences from experience
Small Intestine Analysis of the I state, mental confrontation with all influences, Processing of experiences
Cross intestine Clean up what is lying around, suppressed experiences want to come to light, work on “fermenting” things and clean them out
Descending colon congestion of psychological impressions, unprocessed experiences, postponed emotional congestion, mirror of consciousness of readiness to let go
Sigma loop, rectum cognitive processes, recognition of hardenings, abandoning hard points of view, becoming soft and ready for new ways of thinking
After Final Liberation, Relaxation and Release, The Redemptive Release
Kidneys absorption and utilization of feelings, emotional balance, mirror of stressful feelings, stability of life
Urinary bladder reservoir of female feelings
Ureteral distribution of feelings and how to deal with them, arrange, channel, deduce
Urethral tube Separate yourself from the straining, pressure barometer
Adrenal glands A way of coping with stress, building self-love, setting priorities, being good to oneself, perceiving self-sufficiency as a burden or a joy.
reproductive organs Development and birth of spiritual children, feeling comfortable in one’ s gender, liberation from sexual control,
Spine Inner stability, fortitude, straightness, flexibility and staying true to yourself, detecting wrong posture
Hip vitality, recognize where one is rusty
Pelvis, buttocks GBirthplace of mental and spiritual development, taking the desired seat, sitting out, remain on to the spot
Knees, legs humbleness, demand humility, problems that make you go to your knees, the ability to go forward, stumbling stones, rooting in life
Feet endurance, represent points of view, approach the goal, freeing oneself from stressful roots and move on.

The sensory organs of the physical organs

There is a wonderful allocation of the different body organs to their “sense organs” in the outside, which in turn speak a distinct language when problems or illnesses occur in these places.

  • The tongue is assigned to the heart.
  • The eyes are assigned to the liver.
  • The ears symbolize, in also their shape, the kidneys.
  • The nose is the sensory organ of the lungs.
  • The hands are the grip tool of the brain.

The circuits

The most important phase in the life of a human being is the time up to the age of 14 / 15, because in this time the circuits are created. The circuits are the base of the human life; one can compare them with the hard disk of the computer. Many different impressions and experiences of the grown-up in this time lead to a stable and colorful network, on which man can build in his life. If the circuits are not closed during this time, the human being will eventually show signs such as learning blockades or symptoms of illness.

The 4 circuits of the human being:

  • 1. the survival circuit
  • 2. the ranking circuit
  • 3. the voice and device circuitry
  • 4. the sociosexual moral circuit

1. The survival circuit is toggled between the 3rd and 4th months of life. In this period the topics, security and/or insecurity, fear, lack of love and loneliness are felt, experienced and accordingly applied as patterns. As an example we could use the hungry, crying baby. If it takes too long for the mom to get ready to start breast-feeding or feeding the hungry baby, the child might form the habit: “I almost starved to death and at the next meal, I will eat more than I need to build up a ” stash ” for long wait. So people can grow up and develop a collecting passion later in life.

2. The ranking circuit is triggered between the 5th month and the 3rd year of life. In this period the child seeks its place in the family. The child can be assisted here by having a fixed place at the table for example. The child also develops a deep creativity during this time, as well as defiance and aggression. Defiance and aggression are two important themes that give the child the feeling that he can express himself and change something with his power. It would be a good thing if the parents would allow this phase of defiance, because it helps people to overcome obstacles later.

3. The speech and device circuit is toggled between the 3rd and 4th year of life. Here the brain and larynx structures are brought into alignment. During this time, the ability to consciously love develops, where the child needs a lot of affection and a rejection of his feelings can lead to deeper disturbances. There is also a strong urge to experiment. The brain metabolism has reached its peak and is now 50% higher than that of the twenty-year-old.

4. The sociosexual moral circuit is switched between the 4./5. year of life and the 14./15. year of life. During this transition phase from child to juvenile, the social behavior, as well as the consciousness of shame and guilt, is shaped. Likewise, the sex behavior and each form of moral conception are created.

This concludes the basic imprint of the human being and everything else in the life of a human being is the constant repetition of the same ” record ” only under different circumstances. That means, each injury in time, comes later again to the human being, so that he can recognize it and can separate himself from this topic.
Based on the blockages, symptoms or identity crisis in a person’s life, it is possible to detect which circuit has not been completed. In therapy it is possible to start at this stage and consciously close the circuit.

Spirit meridians

The teaching of the spirit meridians is the truth that shines behind the ancient meridian teaching of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

While the ancient meridians are located in the human head and distribute the vital energy in the human system, the spirit meridians are located in the human heart and direct intelligent activity into the whole human system.

The spirit meridians are the carrier substance of the heavenly cosmology, as well as the wisdom consciousness of the Sophia, which penetrate the human being via the 5 ethereal centers and bring about transformation. This is a wonderful base for the 5-fold man to free his mind.


If you are interested in the teaching of the spirit meridians, please contact Mrs. Carina Maria Holhos, natural health professional, the training leader of the spirit meridians in our house. Telephone number of the central administration: 06857 – 6046 or email: info@hausdesphoenix.de

Anxiety karma zones

From the viewpoint of Karma Shiatsu, every part of the body is assigned to a fear that works in the background. This constellation provides a deeper insight into the true causes of physical pain or abnormalities of the physical body.

The Karma Zones of Humans

Feet the fear of being yourself
lower thigh the fear of going forward
Knee the fear of death
thigh the fear of not being efficient, not being perfect
Genitalia the fear of sexuality
Seat bone to coccyx Uncertainty (in conjunction with handlebar and conception vessel)
Pelvis the fear of life
Lower ribs to pelvic bone the fear of breathing and digestion
Chest to clavicles sadness and mental pain
hands the fear to act and the fear to make mistakes
Forearms and elbows the fear of punishment
Upper arms the fear of discouragement
Upper back and shoulders the fear of the burden of life
Pelvis to shoulder blades to lose fear
Throat Guilt
upper trapezius muscle to base of skull fear of not being in the right psychic state
ears and environment the fear of not understanding
Scalp worries and self-consciousness
Forehead confusion and amazement
Eyebrows anger
Eye sockets Prejudices
cheekbones shame
nose and environment the fear of outside control
Lines from nose to mouth disappointment
Mouth and lips disgust
Chin inferiority feelings
Chin cheeks emotional upturn

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