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Acne – eruption in profile

Acne is a maturation process, usually the entry into a new responsibility. It is the most common skin disease worldwide.

The skin as the largest body organ of man is the reflection of well-being at every level. Stress and its expression acne (stress pimples) is a deep message from the soul. Under stress, neuropeptides are released in the body. These stimulate the sebaceous glands and have a pro-inflammatory effect, thus promoting acne. The healing of wounds is up to 40% slower due to the influence of stress. The University of Standford has proven the disease-causing connection between chronic stress and acne. Performance pressure, lack of sleep, as well as changes in eating habits play another decisive role.

From a spiritual point of view, the skin is associated with the organ activity of the lungs. Therefore, the skin reflects the attributes of the lungs, joy and sorrow. When the flow of ideas of the human being is interrupted, this always harms the lung or the system lung/large intestine. The large intestine is the carrier of guilt and self-worth. If the lungs are not right, the large intestine cannot do its job well. The intestine, as the cradle of the immune system, cannot do its job properly.


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