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Learning blockades

Learning does not end with school time. The question arises, what does a person want when he or she is born? Much suggests exactly two things, namely those that the adolescent person has experienced in the womb: Bonding and growth! The fetus then the embryo experience cell division without end after conception, which means nothing else than growth and the whole thing happens in the uterus, a protective, dark cave and is additionally connected to the mother via the umbilical cord. And when the child is born, it ultimately wants permanent attachment and growth. The physical growth ends in the juvenile phase, but there is still the I, the soul and the spirit, which can continue to grow steadily. Thus the foundation is given that man can learn throughout his life. Bonding and growth (evolution) are two basic needs of human life.

The most important phase in the life of a human being is the time up to the 14th / 15th age, because in this time the circuits are created. The circuits are the base of human life; one can compare them with the hard drive of a computer. Many different impressions and experiences of the teenager in this time lead to a stable and colorful network, on which man can build in his life. If the circuits are not closed during this time, man will sooner or later show signs such as learning blockades or symptoms of illness.

The 4 circuits of man:

  • 1. The survival circuit
  • 2. The ranking circuit
  • 3. The voice and device circuitry
  • 4. The sociosexual moral circuit


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