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Binding – the fundamental principle of life

Attachment and growth are the two fundamental needs that a person requires throughout their life after being born into the world, in order to experience a life of joy, happiness, and health. Growth encompasses not only physical development, but primarily growth of the mind, on a soul level, and in one’s personality.

Based on my practical experience, there often appears to be a connection between disruptions in a person’s attachment behavior and learning obstacles such as ADHD, ADD, behavioral issues, and anxieties. This emphasizes the importance of a secure and reliable attachment. The following article is divided into two sections. The first part examines the topic of attachment from a spiritual perspective, while in the second part, I will present the various attachment types and models.

Attachment is a wonderful synonym for love or for the development of the capacity to love, because every newborn wants to love and be loved. Love is one of humanity’s great learning fields. Love has many facets, such as compassion, giving attention, unconditional love, infinite love, forgiveness (the vast field of partnership), and altruism, which is only possible when a person loves themselves.

Rita Maria on the Essence of the Heart, the Place of Love’s Magic:

It is the ability to act through the heart, rather than through the mind. The mind maintains separation,


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