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The fate lies in our hands.

The Soul Fingers

Before each person’s incarnation, they have predetermined their tools, their talents, to master their life and destiny to the best of their ability. One tool is the determination of their soul finger, their incarnation finger, and their spirit finger. Each finger carries its imprint in the redeemed as well as in the unredeemed state. Through the knowledge of these “fingers,” a person has climbed a few rungs on the ladder of life in their process of becoming conscious, and as a result, they view many aspects of their life with new eyes. As a consequence, the individual has a new foundation for their thoughts, feelings, language, and actions.






Furthermore, each finger is also associated with a zodiac sign, and within each finger, there exists a level of the divine hierarchy.

The hands are the sensory organs of the brain and thus an expression of the brain. A significant brain area in the frontal lobe is responsible for the hands.

The right hand, with the sun lotus in the center, is the giving hand. The left hand, with


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