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The Sacred Heart of the Human and its 5th Heart Chamber

In the heart of a human being, all incoming information is filtered. Every truth lies in the hidden chamber of the heart. Also, the truth that the human being wants to experience duality on Earth.

“The search for truth, love, and bliss is found only in the heart.

Allowing truth to be embraced and flow into the external world brings forth a feeling of love, because this light of truth comes from the heart. Whenever through such actions the heart center opens, it remains ajar, regardless of what happens, and the human being is ready to unite with the higher light. Here begins the “I AM PRESENCE,” which carries the connection to the cosmic heart within itself.

This means that when the feeling of love arises through the embraced truth in a person, they can say: “I love myself, I love you.” Thus, self-love is born first, followed by love for others. Then the person can, in turn, love God.

Signed, Rita Maria

According to the findings of scientific heart research by O.Z.A. Hanish, there is an hermetically sealed chamber in every  


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